SackInfo 2.0




Complete admission process from form collection, merit list preparation to admission confirmation. It ha facility of sending invitation SMS to eligible students and various reports.

Student Section

Generation of unique student ID for accessing information from various modules of the software. This module also provides last college, last year, academic details (Seminars & Papers) and relative information. It also includes students ID card printing, bus pass, mess pass printing facility & other list.

Fee Collection

Preparation of fee structure for various types of fee like: tuition fee, bus fee, exam fee etc. for easy collection process which are directly linked with final accounts. Generation of daily collection (cash & cheque), outstanding, balance and student wise collection history for all year(s), cancelled receipt reports. It can also send the reminder SMS to students for their outstanding balance.

Academic Monitoring

It includes daily monitoring (topic completion, work assignment etc), subject-wise attendances, faculty lag lead, period engage details, letter to parents. It gives Theory /Practical/tutorials/studio etc. wise student attendance.

Exam Section

Subject wise marks of University Exams, Sessionwise, ATKT details, DC( Discontinued) /AC (All clear) Student Details, year wise/ batch wise result, Result comparison and marks history of students.


Employee master for detailed information regarding academics (paper presentation, Seminars attended) experience and maintaining service book etc. Maintenance Complaints regarding Computer Hardware/Civil Works/ Electrical Works/Carpentry Works etc. can be lodged online and call attended report with remarks. Daily/Monthly report of work done and pending job details of each department.


Generation of over 150 different types of statistical, graphical reports like stock, transaction report etc.

And many more……