Healthcare Management

Inspirebridge offers corporate services that combine technology with health to form the most exhaustive health support programs for employees.

Permanent Health Record (ePHR)

The Permanent Health Record (ePHR) allows members to upload their health records on the website, in their personal and confidential health space.

This handy source of their entire medical history incorporates consciousness towards one's own health. Along with health records, health insurance records and health checkup records, many other things would be uploaded on to the website which would be accessible to individuals & family physicians. Members are able to add, edit or upload a new record as and when required.

Permanent Health Record (ePHR) is an online service to maintain all health related records. For corporate entities, it is vital to maintain this database of employee health for efficient management of insurance claims.

It is an online service that puts you in charge of all health data by storing and managing medical records and health information online in one safe, secure place. Healthcare providers can easily access the data as and when required with accurate, comprehensive information at your fingertips.

Benefits of Permanent Health Records (ePHR):

Easy to create, access and update health records.

Keep electronic records of medical conditions, medications and treatments, labs and test results, allergies, surgeries and procedures, and immunizations and vaccinations.

All data is private, encrypted and secure

Health Risk Assessment

HRA is an assessment of the severity or likelihood of an adverse health outcome due to an exposure to environmental, biological, or social conditions.

A health risk appraisal can lead to health risk reduction. Health behavior research has shown that helping people identify threats to their health facilitates the process of healthy change.

Assessment provides organizations an effective tool for:

Health risk identification

Delivering follow-up interventions for those at risk

Tracking and analyzing population health trends over time

HRA is an online tool, and hence is accessible from anywhere at any time.

Features of the HRA online tool are:

Easy-to-complete questionnaire

Links to extensive health improvement content

Extensive and customizable administrative reports

Quick information transfer capability – Via the internet to your computer for report generation.

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