GINie is a state of the art software for Ginning industry that automates factory's sales, purchase, production, stocks and accounts.

It automates all of the process and jobs of the factory such as arrivals, weight, purchasing of cotton, ginning, sales, departures, and especially all of your factories financial matters.

By keeping record of heaps, bags, stocks, purchasing and selling information, Brokerages and many other data it provides more than numerous reports based on above data.

This beautiful and very easy to use software can be interfaced with your weighing scale to get automatic weights directly into your computer and can be used in an unlimited no of computers' environment.

Salient Features

Automates your purchasing process from Arrival -> weight - > Payment position -> Purchase billing.

Weight interfacing with computer.

Automatic and accurate posting of purchase bills into customer ledgers, Accounts receivable report, Trial Balance, Balance sheet and all other related accounts reports.

Check out your estimated profits of your factory before closing your season.

Automatically maintains Broker accounts with purchase billing.

Manages all of company expenses.

Manages your bank accounts and provides you a report that describe you the markup of your bank within a given date range.

Your cashbook is only a single click away now.

Automatically maintains your Trial Balance with 100% accuracy.

Now you can create your party payment position (advance payments report) without putting any extra effort without any mistake.

Get print out of dozens of Detailed and summarized reports of Arrival, Weight, Field Stocks, Un purchased cotton, Purchase and party payment position in different formats like party wise or date wise.

Provides you Daily production register with actual yields of all closed heaps. Get many reports about your production process.

You can check your remaining contracts arrivals without any effort.

Get detailed and summarized reports about Lint and Seed Sales.

A single report can show you all the working of your current day on a page.

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